Request A Grant


HTSDEF Mini-Grants are available in amounts up to $1,500 to fund projects, exhibits, programs, supplies, events or initiatives that meet the Foundation’s mission – to fund innovative learning opportunities that inspire Haverford Township School District students. Students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members are invited to complete a grant application to request funding for innovative ideas that help drive excellence in the educational experience of HTSD students.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and grant decisions are made throughout the school year, pending committee and board approval. Please allow 60 days for approval.


To help support larger projects or ideas that have the potential to involve or positively affect a majority, if not all, of the students in a single school or across the district, HTSDEF makes Empowerment Grants. The grants range from approximately $10,000 – $30,000 and can be designed for one-time use or across multiple school years. Unique to these larger grants is the request that projects have a clear statement of the expected measurable learning outcomes and a measurement plan.

Recognizing the potential for lasting impact on a school community , Empowerment Grants must be submitted with approval from a HTSD school principal; teachers, students, and/or parents should be included in shaping the proposal.  Funds can be used for capital improvements, equipment, and/or technology, but then must also get the approval of the requisite HTSD unit (i.e. School District Director of Technology).

Do you have a transformational project in mind that requires funding to launch?  We would love to hear from you. Please review the grant guidelines and email [email protected] to set up an introductory call.


Awards are subject to fund availability and are issued at the discretion of the grants committee. Applicants may be contacted for additional information prior to a decision. Funds are disbursed upon documentation of expenses. All equipment, materials or other items received via HTSDEF funding remain property of the School District of Haverford Township.

Please ensure that all requirements below are met before submitting a grant application.

  • Proposal supports or supplements district programs, brings innovative ideas into our schools and/or increases goodwill by creating a community program.
  • School administrators approve of project. All requests involving classroom time or district property must have approval from the building principal if school-specific, or the superintendent if district-wide.
  • Proposals including technology components must be approved by the District Technology Coordinator prior to submission.
  • Grant recipients must submit a brief report and photographs sharing the impact of the project after funds are granted. Requests for grant funding will be denied to anyone with an outstanding report due until the report and photos are submitted. Please click here to complete the Post Grant Feedback Report as soon as possible after using the grant money.
  • Download the Mini-Grant Scoring Rubic for information about the selection criteria.