2015 Grants

Fall 2015 Mini-grant Awards

Inclusion of a 3-D Printer in Science Studies

The 3-D printer would bring essential topics literally to life in Anatomy & Physiology when students are able to create and hold the life-size bones of middle ear as well the muscles of a human face and arm. With a 3-D printer the HHS science department will be able to maintain five Disarticulated plastic skeletons – an important part of the Skeletal System unit in Anatomy & Physiology.

Chatham Park Elementary School “Outdoor Classroom”

Fourth and Fifth-grade seminar students will create an enclosed outdoor learning environment that every teacher in the school will be able to use for a variety of outdoor teacher and learning opportunities. The project would be an extension of the seminar’s architecture unit and offer students an opportunity to reinforce math skills, problem solving, cooperative learning and teamwork. The grant will be used to help cover the costs of landscaping fencing and a stage area.

Magnetic Letters for First Graders

Coopertown School’s first graders will get help with learning their letters and letter sounds learn and reinforce word identification and spelling using their new magnetic letters. Students will use the letters throughout the entire school year in small group learning centers and will be used by students for many years in the future.

Mentor and Reading Buddy Program

The goal of this program is to improve delivery of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and enhance current Chestnutwold School programs. The grant will give students the opportunity to engage in research-based team building activities that will include special materials and a Mindfulness Schools’ trainer from the University of Pennsylvania to cultivate to encourage meaningful connections across the school community as well as positive interactions among students and faculty.

First Grade STEM Learning Centers

Lynnewood first graders will be introduced to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through learning center activities giving young students an opportunity to develop skills in these four areas while encouraging teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving. Children will learn to think like real scientists and engineers using reusable kits that will continue to be used in the classroom for years to come.

ComicCon at Haverford Middle School

Working in conjunction with the Haverford Township Free Library, the Haverford Middle School will be the site of the third annual Comic Con. The goal of this family event centered on graphic arts for students of all ages with the main goal of helping to educate students in the benefits of writing and drawing through the use of comic art. This is achieved by hosting a convention floor, where students can draw directly with artists. In addition to the more than twenty creators we will host, there will be a range of workshops and panels aimed at discussing self-improvement in art and writing. The grant will allow the event to include to improve the educational quality of the panels and workshops offered. We are specifically seeking funding so that the experts in the field of writing and drawing for comics can plan and run workshops and panels themselves and be compensated for their time.

Spring 2015 Mini-grant Awards

Active Bodies, Active Minds in Primary Learning Support Classroom, Coopertown

HTSDEF helped teachers provide different seating choices for her class helping special needs students to better engage in classroom lessons.

These Boots are Made for Learning, HHS

HTSDEF provided 30 pairs of rubber boots allowing students to “comfortably” research the freshwater ecosystems at Karakung Creek. These boots permit students to safely enter the water of the ecosystem and observe the ecological interactions among species first hand.

Improving the Water Distillation System, HHS

A water distillation station will be used by both chemistry and biology departments to prepare for daily classroom experiments. Currently, funds are allocated to purchase distilled water in gallon aliquots. Distillation done on site will not only save money but add a level of convenience for both faculty and students. More than 400 students in these courses will benefit.

Wireless Projector for Visually Supporting Student Engagement, HHS

HTSDEF funded the purchase of a wireless projector for the itinerant Speech and Language teacher to help increase the understanding of language, environmental expectations, and to provide structure and support for individuals with special needs Students will be engaged in multisensory learning and teamwork – a skill high school students will need as they enter the world of volunteerism or supported employment in a few years.

Visually Supporting Student Engagement using a Document Camera, HHS

A document camera will allow groups of students to view each others’ work, comment on it to develop positive thinking as well as self and group editing.